Thirty four years as an independent content specialist


As has been identified, all of TAPE’s consultancy and research is drawn from the unique quantitative system for identifying and weighting audience appeal and potential, which has continually been refined and developed for over 40 years.

This reliable and objective tool allows us to evaluate projects at all stages of the development process, maximising the inherent value of the research input (i.e. before too much investment has taken place). This can include anything from single page concepts, through to developed outlines, completed scripts, completed pilots and beyond.

The unique ability of the system to break a concept down into its salient components, and to assess their potential on a individual basis, and collectively, means that we can accurately assess the potential of a wide range of programme genres - from scripted forms such as comedy and drama, to game shows, factual entertainment and reality shows. At a time when genre hybridising is at the forefront of innovation, this ability is one of TAPE’s key strengths, and allows us to accurately assess audience potential of even supposedly unique and original Formats.

To achieve the accuracy we require - and which we demand of ourselves - we continually analyse and interpret the available quantitative ratings data, and internally test our evaluations and assessments against actual performance figures, to ensure that we continue to accurately reflect contemporary audience tastes. As a result, any projects we evaluate are assessed by a system that is well established, that is reflective of current viewing trends, and that, above all, is totally objective.

For confidentiality and non-disclosure reasons we are not able to provide specific examples of the evaluation process on this website. However, further details can be provided on request.