Thirty four years as an independent content specialist


As a client-focused company, the broad range of consultancy services TAPE provides are difficult to summarise within the scope of a website, since we do, quite literally, deliver a different service to each and every client.

However, we pride ourselves on providing a service which is interactive with clients, provides them with the opportunity to get quick responses to general queries and a huge range of specific questions (usually within 24 hours), and also offers the opportunity for regular face to face meetings and/or presentations covering general trends or specific areas of client interest.

The core areas of our consultancy services include the following:

  • Access to TAPE’s knowledgebase of programme information, evaluative assessment and experience, an unparalleled resource covering multiple markets and incorporating more than two decades of data and experience.
  • A library of more than 30,000 programmes from a range of international markets, collated over 20 years, which provides an invaluable and continually expanding research resource.
  • A designated TAPE executive as primary point of contact, providing direct responses to questions and queries via phone or email.
  • Dedicated client meetings at major programme markets, including Mip, Mipcom and the L.A. Screenings.
  • Commissioned Reporting by arrangement.