Thirty four years as an independent content specialist


TAPE was founded in 1976, after starting life within an advertising agency (see Origin).

TAPE’s primary focus is programme content, and studying in depth the connection and interaction between content and the audience. To deliver the necessary knowledge and expertise for our clients, we need to be completely up to date on programming from around the world, and to this end, all executives spend much of their time viewing, analysing and reporting on new programmes, series and formats (see Expertise).

All of the services we offer originate from TAPE’s unique quantitative evaluation system, which allows us to objectively and accurately identify, and assess, the audience appeal factors within programme content, and quantify that potential in real world (competitive) situations. This feeds into everything we do allowing us (for instance) to not just report on new programming in development within the major markets around the world, but also incorporate evaluative comments isolating the key appeal areas and potential weaknesses in audience terms, as well as to observe and identify broader changes in audience tastes early on, and report on emerging trends. For a more detailed description of all our services, click here.

It is this unique combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques that positions TAPE as a resource which can provide consultancy from an individual programme level (whether acquisition or development) right through to larger, more strategic risk management or ROI decision making.

TAPE delivers services that are tailored to the specific requirements of each and every client. We offer much more than simply a range of reporting tools, and it is this personal level of contact and support on a daily basis which we positively encourage and sustain, that has resulted in many long-term and continuing relationships with key clients (see Clients).

We continue to develop complementary services and explore new partner relationships in order to meet the changing needs of our clients.