Thirty four years as an independent content specialist


TAPE is a UK based consultancy company providing specialist services for global media professionals in the television and film industries.

All services originate from the T.A.P.E. (Television Audience Programme Evaluation) System - a unique quantitative methodology which can be used by decision makers to assess the intrinsic appeal of any type of media content, television programme or motion picture at any stage of development – from initial concept through to final product.

From its inception in 1968, TAPE became a totally independent Limited Company in 1976, with its shares owned by the working executives. The key executives are specialist evaluators who have been studying and identifying the salient appeal factors determining audience likes and dislikes for over 34 years, and more importantly, establishing their relativity.

Independent, experienced, confidential

TAPE’s validity as an independent and reliable tool for media decision makers, and its service-led ethos, is illustrated by the fact that it has steadily acquired new clients in more than 20 countries around the world, while at the same time maintaining an unassailable level of client loyalty - in some cases for over 30 years. It has had a presence in Australasia since 1973, the USA since 1976, and of course the UK since 1968.

TAPE works on a wholly confidential basis with Network Broadcasters, Cable and Pan-Regional Channels, Production Companies, Motion Picture Studios, Global Distributors, Advertising Agencies, Promotional Marketing Companies and Investors, among others.